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Submission of Materials

If you submit materials to us, you agree:

  1. to grant us a royalty free, worldwide, perpetual license to use, copy, distribute, publish, republish, store, archive, syndicate, sub-license, transmit, adapt, edit, create derivative works from, perform, exercise publicity and copyright rights in relation to such material (including any ideas, concepts or formats) in any manner and in any format and/or media;
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  3. that we may monitor your use of the site and any communications made via the site.
  4. In submitting material to us, you warrant that any material you submit:
  5. it is your own original work and that you own the copyright and any other relevant rights;
    it is not obscene, threatening, menacing, offensive, defamatory, abusive, in breach of confidence, in breach of any intellectual property right (including, without limitation, copyright) or otherwise in breach of or violates any applicable law or regulation or code of the Sultanate of Oman and you shall indemnify us and keep us fully indemnified against any third party liabilities, claims, costs, loss or damage we incur as a result of publishing material you submit to us, including consequential losses.
    We may choose to publish or not publish any material you submit to us and exercise our rights in relation to that material in our absolute discretion.

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