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Patients with chronic kidney disease on the rise in Oman

6 Jun 2023

Muscat – Oman is witnessing an increasing trend in renal failures with over 2,275 patients currently stated to be affected by chronic kidney disease.

Dr Sameh Morgan, a nephrologist from Ibri Dialysis Hospital, shared insights during a symposium on organ donation in Ibri on Monday.

Due to the increasing number of people suffering from some sort of renal problems, kidney has become the most sought-after organ for transplantation, Dr Morgan said.

The statistics indicate that out of the total number of patients with chronic renal failure in Oman, more than 135 patients reside in Dahirah. There are 24 dialysis centres across Oman providing essential services to these patients.

The symposium, focused on organ donation, adequately highlighted various aspects of human organ transplantation. It also dwelt on the urgent need for community awareness about the significance of organ donation. A culture of organ donation in the society will ultimately help in reducing the sufferings of patients needing any replacement.

During the symposium, Dr Morgan also explained the legal permissibility of organ donation. 

The nephrologist of high repute spoke about several essential preventive measures to combat chronic kidney disease, including adopting a healthy diet, regular exercise, blood sugar management, controlling high blood pressure, avoiding excessive use pain reliever, and staying properly hydrated.

“Raising awareness about the importance of organ donation is paramount, particularly due to the increasing global demand for organ transplantation and the challenges associated with finding suitable donors in most cases,” said Dr Morgan.

According to the Ministry of Health’s latest statistics, there are 311 living donors, besides those deceased ones whose organs were transplanted before their death. 

The country has seen 28 successful liver transplants using organs from living donors. 

In May, the Omani Association for Organ Donation launched a national campaign to raise public awareness on organ donation. The campaign targets registration of 100,000 donors through ‘Shifa’ app during the first year of its inauguration.

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